Website Maintenance


An updated and upgraded content shows that your site is active and is one of the best ways to stay ahead in search results. We review your website and identify the needs, so we can find the solution that fits you.

After testing the website with different web browser and digital devices and make it alive still you need to keep the website updated with fresh content, without any dead links, empty pages, wrong spelling and slow speed and so on. We do maintenance and troubleshooting for your website to keep it professional and digital devices friendly.

We do all front-end, back-end and technical troubleshooting for your current websites.

We check our websites in different web browser and W3C Markup Validation for standardize and make them effective websites.

I personally love to use flash and action script to build attractive banners, but I do not recommend that because these kind of banners are not visible in some devices that they do not support Flash or have not installed the latest version of Flash player on their devices.
So, with this reason we convert these banners or sliders to another coding to make them visible in any digital devices and mobiles with saving their effects.