Building Website

Building WebsiteOur focus is to create creative, artistic and professional websites for small businesses with a limited budget.Our team consists of passionate web designers with strong artistic, programming and web design backgrounds.
It is important to us “Who are our users?” and “What do our users want?” depends on those we show them some demo to help them to choose the right website layout which is match with their goals.
To build the website from scratch let’s us to review our requirements together:

Step 1 Domain name and Hosting Company

We will help you to choose the better domain name and hosting company which is more beneficial for you and your company.

Step 2 Web Design & Development:

After choosing the right Domain name and a good hosting company we will arrange a meeting with you or just a couple of e_mails to make the decision and find a suitable design with your business’needs.
If you mind we provide the framework and SOW before to start the project which give you the peace of mind about the progress of the project step by step. The statement of work also show you when the project will be paid during the progress and how much will be paid. SOW is kind of agreement about the project , time and money between our company and our clients.

Step 3 Logo Creation & Slogan

If you are looking for a unique and memorable logo & Slogan that perfectly captures you and your company’s identity, you can set up an appointment to discuss your specifications or send us an email through our website.

Step 4 Coding & Testing

Depends on your business’needs we will decide which kind of coding does your website need.

Step 5 Completion The Mission

What else your business website need to attract the users and convert them to your customers. We will guide you to run the business through your website.

We create some features by tools such as photoshop, fireworks, illustrator and flash. We use latest technology to accelerate achievement, insert and editing video movies.

Step 6 Making The Website Alive

Still is not the last part of the project, you need to keep the website updated with fresh content and without any dead links, empty pages, wrong spelling and slow speed. We do maintenace and troubleshooting for your website to keep it professional and device friendly.